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Celine A/W 2011 - Details

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Pierre Huyghe

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Kaye Blegvad - Burning woman

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this is absolutely horrifying

Link to video

Oh my God

And this is just another reason why I’m refusing to trust any information the police puts out there. We already have evidence of them leaving his body out there for four hours after the fact and the officer (who supposedly was so threatened for his life) called in for “crowd control” but not to report that there was a body laying in the street.

This is some of the most disgusting shit I’ve ever seen in my life.

hard to say but this could be the wildest most disgusting component to this ive seen thus far. many media representatives of the ferguson pd (even chief of police) are in this video!!! at the scene of the crime!!!!!! why were they responsible with communicating to the public what happened? it’s obvious they knew that media control was needed from the start. the distortion and lies simply stems from the fact that they all know the truth and they are all involved somehow in the murder of this man

and no ems/loading the body into a police suv?? what the fuck?? emergency medical attention and protocol doesn’t apply to black lives?

At Trader Joes...

  • *goes to cashier.
  • Her:hi how're you?
  • Me:good, how're you? :)
  • Her:*stares at me*
  • Me:*notices staring*
  • Her:oh I was reading your shirt. Is it French?
  • Me:*wearing Comme Des Garçons* yes....
  • Us:finishes transaction.
  • Her:You kind of look like my cousin, she's cute.
  • Me:(awkward laughing) aw thanks. :)
  • Me hours later:she was so cute and I was so stupid and awkward she was hitting on me gahhhhh!!!! I'm so awkward!